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2021 8-Week Discipleship Course

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Ever wonder what it's like to be a Sister of Children of Mary?

About Our Community and Charism

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Return love for Love

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Called and Chosen

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Children of Mary 2013

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Two Pillars

Eucharistic Revolution

Investiture/First Profession 2017

Investiture 2013

The Ceaseless Act of Love ~ Talk #1

The Ceaseless Act of Love ~ Talk #2

Sanctifying Grace

Growing in Faith


What is your passion?

Live the Mass

June 2014 Talk



November 2013 Talk

This is GOD?

Let the Spirit Move You

Love Craves Union

Follow Your Conscience

Commanded to Love

January 2015 Talk

Advent in the Eternal Now

Children of Mary Audios

Mother's Life and Vocation

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The Holy Eucharist

Children of Mary Talks


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Novena for Bishops

Apostolate for the Sanctification of Families

Sanctification of Families

October 2015 Talk

The Sacredness of the Body ~ Part 2

Technology and Family

The Sacredness of the Body ~ Part 1

Talks on John Hardon's Catholic Catechism Course

Overview ~ Lesson 1

Overview ~ Lesson 3

Enthronement Movement USA

November 24, 2019

November 24, 2019 (About the Enthronement in Cincinnati)

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Jesus Enthroned King of Poland

"Amazing Love" Music Video

Torchbearers of the Queen

Torchbearers Summer Retreat ~ Emmanuel 2019

Torchbearers Summer Retreat ~ Winner Farm 2019

Torchbearers Summer Retreat ~ Winner Farm 2017

The Beauty of Modesty

Torchbearers Summer Retreat ~ Winner Farm 2018

Torchbearers Summer Retreat ~ Emmanuel 2016

ComeUnity Videos (We're united in LOVE. Let's unite in TRUTH.)

This is My Body

On the Foundation of the Apostles

The New and Eternal Covenant

Interview Part 2: Former Protestant

Do Not Be Afraid

Former Anglican Priest

Former Protestant Minister

Interview Part 1: Former Protestant

We Are One Body