Private Retreats

Private Retreats at Emmanuel

A retreat is meant to be a grace-filled time away with God alone. He is longing for your love! So put away the cell phone, the computer and all the other technologies and enter into the great silence of love and intimacy with the God Who created you and longs to speak to you and to fill you with peace that the world cannot give. (You can give loved ones our phone number in case of emergency.)

Private Retreatants are welcome to make their own schedule for a self-guided retreat - allowing for time of prayer (silent prayer as well as participation in the public prayer of the Sisters). Retreatants may bring their own Catholic resources or choose from the following materials available through the Sisters:

  • Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius
  • Into Your Hands Father - Abandonment to Divine Providence
  • Eucharistic Retreats by St. Peter Julian Eymard
  • Meditations based on St. Thomas Aquinas
  • Continuous Act of Love Booklet
  • Other Spiritual Reading Books available in the Welcome Center- Spiritual guidance by one of the Sisters may be scheduled when requested -You are coming to a holy place, a place where He dwells, a place where there are other women and men who too are seeking God---some consecrated and some who are here for a time, like you. So as not to be a distraction to others, we ask: 

1. Dress modestly - no shorts please.
For women:
long, loose fitting skirts or dresses, high necklines.

For men:
loose fitting slacks and shirts.


2. No smoking or alcoholic beverages

3. Bring: Your own food, bedding, towels and flashlight.

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