Lyrics & Chords

  1. Quietly, Gently


    Quietly, gently, Our God reigns
    He is here among us
    the Lamb Who was slain
    Lovingly, reverently, worship Him
    with the Seraphim

    We proclaim Him Lord and God
    He is our King
    with all the Saints and Angels
    We lift our voices up and sing
    Holy, Holy


    Jesus, Sacramentalized
    Our Bread of Life
    When mankind cries out to Him
    He will abolish all strife
    Lord, save us


    Quietly, gently Our God reigns
    Our God reigns


 2. Litany of Reparation
(Capo – 2 ) Chords for spoken words – C, D  Chords for response –  C, D, G, C2)

Lord, Have Mercy on us…
Christ have mercy on us…
Lord, have mercy on us…
Jesus Hear us, Jesus graciously hear us


God, the Father of Heaven … Have mercy on us
God, the Son, Mediator between God and man…
God, the Holy Spirit, Enlightener of hearts…
Holy and undivided Trinity…
O Sacred Host, Sacrament of Unity…
O Sacred Host, Source of Holiness…
O Sacred Host, Heart of the Church…
O Sacred Host, our Heaven on earth…

For so many unworthy communions…
                        We offer You our reparation, O Lord
For the sacrileges against Your Sacrament of Love…
For those who don’t believe in Your True Presence…
For leaving You alone…
For our lack of Adoration…
For the irreverence of Christians…
For the crimes of sinners…
For the coldness of Your children…
For our contempt of Your loving invitations…
For the infidelity of Your Chosen souls…
For the abuse of Your grace…
For our unfaithfulness…
For grieving Your Heart at the loss of souls…
For our lack of zeal in Your service…
For our delay in loving You…
For Your long waiting at the door of our hearts…
For Your loving sighs…
For Your loving tears…
For Your loving imprisonment…
For Your loving death…
For Your love unreturned…
For Your Burning Thirst…

Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world
Spare us, O Lord
Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world
Graciously Hear us, O Lord
Lamb of God, You take away the sins of the world
Have mercy on us, O Lord

Let us pray:

O Christ, Divine Prisoner of Love in the Most Holy Sacrament in all the Churches around the globe, forsaken by believers, forgotten, derided, treated like dirt by sacrileges, and even condemned to crucifixion by the satanists, You are enduring the Way of the Cross anew. With all my soul I desire to belong to You. I want to be Simon of Cyrene, Veronica, Magdalene, and Joseph of Arimathea, so that I may bring help, pay for insults, and love You above everything on this earthly Calvary and on the eternal mount of Transfiguration forever. Amen


 3. Mercy is a River

E                  A                E
Mercy is a river that flows (2x)
                    D                       G                    E
From His Side, from a Heart, broken open
D                                 G            E
Pierced by human pride, it flows
       D                           D2                   A7                      A
A Heart that never closes, never freezes, never dries

      D                                   D2                     A7
A Heart that keeps on bleeding as He waits….
for your reply

Mercy is a river dripping down (2x)
A Body bruised, Flesh Divine, ripped open
Beaten, broken, and abused… dripping down
Mercy, silent Mercy, as He hangs upon His Throne
of purpled wood stained with guilt…. of sin
that’s not His own

Consent that speaks eternal from His Heart (2x)
that beats Divine. It bleeds of mercy, bids in patience
Yearns to sanctify… speaks eternal
It looked like life was stolen, nailed down, 
without a choice
But from each wound seeps freedom, a hidden yes
a silent voice

Mercy is a river that flows
And from His Side, this river, flows
And from His Heart, this river, flows 

Mercy, silent mercy, as He waits…. for your reply


 4. Yes, Lord

(Capo – 1)
            G                   D     Em               G
Your Eyes They follow me where I go
           Em                G        D               G
Your Eyes They follow me with love
              C                     D                G
They pierce right through my soul
             Em             G
and I cannot say no

Em                        C                        Em
Yes, Lord, I will go where You lead me
Em                        C                G
Yes, Lord, I will be a sacrifice
Em                               Am  G             Am                         G
Yes, Lord, I give You my life. My heart belongs to You
        D                               G         C
And I, I will be Your lamb.


Your gaze, it reaches deep inside me
Your gaze, it thirsts to be loved
And I will quench Your thirst
I will not say no


My eyes, they’ll follow You where You go
My gaze will only seek Your Face
and I will love You, Lord
All I am is Yours



 5. Ubi Caritas

Ubi Caritas et amore. Ubi Caritas Deus ibi est. 

My Lord, Jesus Christ, I love You above all things. I firmly believe that I receive in Communion Your Body, Your Blood, Your Soul and Your Divinity. I believe it because You have said it and I am ready to give my life to maintain this Truth. 

 6. Fly Away
(Capo – 3)

  G                          D        Em C G      G   C
Here in Your Presence I fly away, fly away,  
G      C        D               C
Fly away, Into Your Love
         G                      D         Em C
My Shield, my Defender, O I surrender 
G               Em                           C      C G        G
Into Your Love, Into Your Love, fly away

                  C                            D                   G
To the place where there’s no more sorrow
To the place where Your Heart says follow
G        C     D                 C
Fly away into Your Love

Here in Your Presence I hide away, deep within
Tucked away into Your Love
My Strength, my Refuge, my Salvation 
Into Your Love, into Your Love, Fly away



Here in Your Presence I melt away, It’s only You
I fade away into Your Love
My Shepherd, my Healer, my Everything
Into Your Heart, Into Your Love, fly away




7. Come Let Us Magnify the Lord
 (Capo – 6)
Em  D  G             Em      D                   C               D
Fear the Lord, you His holy ones, Fear the Lord.
           Em           D                G
For those who fear the Lord
C                 Em       D              C
They will lack no perfect thing.

Trust the Lord, you His servants, Trust the Lord.
For those who trust the Lord
They will never be ashamed

C                   Am                  D
Come let us magnify the Lord,
                  G                          C
Let His praise be on our lips.
                        Am               Em    C
Come let us bless Him at all times.
        Em            D               C
For we have tasted and seen
          Em         D            G
We have tasted and seen.

Seek the Lord, you His children, seek the Lord.
For those who seek the Lord
They will find Him Who redeems
Love the Lord, love and serve Him forever more.
For those who love the Lord
They will see Him face to face



 8. Consecration to Our Lady of the Most Blessed Sacrament

   Most Holy Mother Mary, New Eve and Spouse of the Holy Spirit, I entrust and consecrate my life and vocation to your Immaculate Heart. May I be a tiny spark which shoots forth from the Blazing Furnace of your Beautiful Heart to enkindle in this world the fire of love for Jesus Eucharistic.  May His Innocent Blood continue to plead for our salvation in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar. May His Eucharistic Light pierce the darkness of our minds. May His Eucharistic Power heal and transform the lives broken by sin. May His Eucharistic Love bring unity and peace to the Church; and through your maternal and queenly intercession, may the Lord Jesus Christ take up His Eucharistic Reign of holiness and love in every human heart.  Amen. 

 9. Holy Mary

(Capo – 1)

             A7                        Em
Holy Mary, pure and lowly
A7            Em                G      D2                  Em
Mother most merciful       Cause of our joy

Em             G                 Em
I look to You to lead me
                   G                           Em
I look to You to lend Your Yes
C                           Em
Smile down on me
Am                                           Em           C          D2
Hide me in Your love that love may set me free


Reach out Your hands to heal me
Stretch out Your arms to hold me close
Smile down on me
Teach me Your laugh that joy may set me free


                       Em                           G                            Em
Mother of Truth, Mother of Grace, Mother of Trust, 
                      G                 Em                        G                        Em
Mother of Faith… of Hope, Mother of Love Mother of God (2x)


 10. Closing Prayer

 11. Jesus Mary I love You! Save Souls! (2x) Jesus Mary I love You! (2x) Jesus Mary I love You! Save souls!  I will think of everything. You think only of loving Me. The more that you love Me, the happier that you will be and every act of love will save a soul.