Jesus, We love You in the Most Blessed Sacrament.
We beg the grace to love You more every day of our lives.
We beg the grace for all of our brothers and sisters
throughout the world to come to
know You, and love You, and adore You.
And we beg You for Holy Priests and Bishops.
For these things we give our lives.


  • * Prayer For The Universal Enthronement Of Jesus on the altars of the world; that He will be loved and adored by His People and peace will come to earth:

    Through our fifth vow, we give our lives, as Sisters of Children of Mary, to quench the Thirst of Jesus to be loved in the Most Blessed Sacrament. Our love for Our Eucharistic Lord and our desire to quench His Thirst impels us to work to spread love for Him within the Church and beyond--to pray and work for Christian unity that “all may believe” and love and adore Him.  This great gift of God Incarnate sacramentalized is the hub around which we work to build a culture of holiness, for our Eucharistic Lord is the source of holiness.

    “The various ways in which Christ is present fill the mind with astonishment and offer the Church a mystery for her contemplation.  But there is another way in which Christ is present in His Church, a way that surpasses all the others.  It is His Presence in the sacrament of the Eucharist, which is for this reason, “a more consoling source of devotion, a lovelier object of contemplation and holier in what it contains” than all the other sacraments for it contains Christ Himself and it is “a kind of consummation of the spiritual life, and in a sense the goal of all the sacraments.

    This presence is called “real” not to exclude the idea that the others are “real” too, but rather to indicate presence par excellence, because it is substantial and through it Christ becomes present whole and entire, God and man.”  (Documents of Vatican Council:  MysteriumFidei #38)

    We offer ourselves to the Father as martyrs of love for Our Eucharistic Lord; we give our lives to maintain the Church’s teaching of the truth of the Real Presence of Jesus in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  Concretely, this means we spend our lives in the white martyrdom of daily denying self and living to spread love for our Lord either directly, or in a more indirect manner of doing the small duties of everyday life with love for Jesus.  And, if the opportunity were ever to present itself, to undergo the red martyrdom of blood shed unto death, rather than deny the truth of Jesus present with us in the Most Holy Eucharist.

    In these days of crisis and turmoil in the Church and in the world, we are confirmed in our mission by the example and words of Pope Benedict XVI :

    “Without the Eucharist the Church would simply cease to exist.  In fact, it is the Eucharist which renders a human community a mystery of communion, capable of bringing God to the world and the world to God.  The Holy Spirit, which transforms the bread and wine into the Body and Blood of Christ, also transforms those who receive It with faith into limbs of Christ’s Body, thus the Church truly is a Sacrament of men’s unity, with God and with one another.  In an increasingly individualistic culture such as that in which we live in western societies and which is tending to spread throughout the world, the Eucharist constitutes a kind of ‘antidote,’ working on the hearts and minds of believers and continually infusing them with the logic of communion, service and sharing, the logic of the Gospel.”  (Pope Benedict XVI, June 26, 2011, Angelus)



  • * Prayer for Priests:

    Our fourth vow, prayer for priests, is one of the most important works God has given us to do. The Sisters are “on the Ark that our Holy Father is steering towards the two pillars.” We are faithful daughters of Holy Mother Church, embracing all that She teaches. We are servants of Our Holy Father and all bishops in union with him.  We serve through our prayers for them and pray that all the faithful will be humbly obedient to the Shepherds who are united to the Magisteriam.

    “Bishops, as successors of the apostles, receive from the Lord, to whom was given all power in heaven and on earth, the mission to teach all nations and to preach the Gospel to every creature, so that all men may attain to salvation by faith, Baptism and the fulfillment of the commandments.”  (Documents of Vatican Council II, Constitution on the Church, ch. 3, #24)

    Priests are chosen by God to be His representatives to continually offer His sacrifice on the Cross to the Father, bring spiritual life to His people, restore it when lost, and strengthen the faithful through the Sacraments. Yet, priests are men taken from among men and ordained for men; they are in the world but not of the world; they are called to holiness while ministering to the sinful, hearing and absolving the sins of others while battling the attempts of the world and the evil one to lead them into sin. They give up natural fatherhood in order to give undivided attention to their spiritual children. In return, the faithful have a duty to pray for these men who serve them at such a great price of personal renunciation. It is up to the faithful to support them with much prayer and assist them on this journey fraught with snares, especially in this day when sin permeates the culture and is promoted as normal and even good. When we hear of the fall of a priest, our reaction must not be one of condemnation, but of sorrow and regret that we somehow failed him by lack of prayer and loving support. When we witness the goodness of the vast majority of priests, we must not take them for granted but pray much to Our Lord to keep them close to His Heart and protect them from satan’s attempts to destroy them. A holy priest is mighty in the work of saving souls. We beg God to sanctify our priests, so that the whole world will come to believe the truths of our holy Faith and the faithful will be lead to holiness through the example and preaching of Jesus' representatives.



  • * Prayer with the Dying:
    When given the opportunity, the sisters will pray the Chaplet of Divine Mercy with those who are dying.


  • * Spreading Love for Our Eucharistic Lord:
  • * Retreat work/Talks/Conferences: The Sisters may give retreat talks to individuals, groups, and/or parishes. Usually the talks will focus on the indwelling of the Holy Trinity in the soul (living in the state of grace), the meaning of the Holy Mass, sin and the sacrament of Reconciliation, the Holy Eucharist, and Our Blessed Mother. They also hold conferences on the Faith for Catholics and/or non Catholics showing that the Catholic Faith is the faith of the early Church as is verified in Scripture and quotes of the early Church Fathers. Click HERE for more information on our ComeUnity Apostolate.
  • * Work among the poor: Many churches in the inner city have been sold to Protestant denominations, leaving many of the poor without the benefit of knowing the great news that God is with them, that He loves them and longs for their love, and yearns to be united with them. We will share with them the great news that all of their sins can be forgiven and they can come to live in God’s Divine life through the Sacrament of Baptism and/or confession. They can know the joy of living His grace. The Sisters will do what they can to bring as many as possible into the Sacred Presence of Our Eucharistic Lord, to experience the peace that only He can give. We will share with them the full Gospel of the Holy Catholic Church, the one Church that can bring them the gift of transformation through the power of the sacraments. This work includes ministries at soup kitchens and also in prisons.
  • * Work among the elderly: The suffering and the elderly who find themselves abandoned and lonely have the potential of being a tremendous treasure house of grace for the Church and the world. We will go to them and share with them that their lives have perhaps more meaning and value now than ever before - if they accept their cross and offer it to the Father in union with Jesus’ suffering on the cross. Learning that the Lord is offering them the opportunity to share in the work of Redemption, these beloved of God find new meaning in life and grow in grace and peace and joy. At the same time, much grace is poured out upon the world, satan’s power is lessened, and souls are saved. The sisters will go to nursing homes and arrange for regularly scheduled times of adoration, Mass, confession, and instruction. We will encourage them to develop deep prayer lives and trustful surrender to God’s Loving Divine Providence and offer their suffering, their loneliness for the sanctification of priests and for the intention that all people come to love and adore Jesus in the Holy Eucharist and be faithful members of His Holy Catholic Church.