Vocation to Love


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Biography of Venerable Consolata Betrone

(With messages from Jesus to Sr. Consolata

about the ceaseless act of love)



Jesus speaks to Sister M. Consolata Betrone (Excerpts from her diary)

* I’m not asking for anything but this, a continuous act of love: Jesus, Mary, I love you, save souls. * Tell me, Consolata, what better prayer can you say? Jesus, Mary, I love you, save souls: love and souls! What’s better than this? * I’m thirsty for your act of love! Love Me much, Consolata, just love Me and love Me always! I’m thirsty for love, all-embracing love, the love of undivided hearts. Love Me for all and every human heart that exists. I’m so thirsty for love. Quench My thirst. * Do you know why I don’t allow you many vocal prayers? Because the act of love is more fruitful. A “Jesus, I love you” makes up for a thousand curses. Remember that a perfect act of love involves the eternal salvation of a soul.

Why do the Children of Mary Sisters promote the messages Jesus gave to Venerable Sister Consolata Betrone?

Because they’re life-changing! And every act of love is like a spiritual communion, quenching Jesus’ thirst to be loved in the Most Blessed Sacrament. We encourage you to read this book and the book entitled, I Will Think of Everything, You Think Only of Loving Me (childrenofmary.net), and find out about the many other beautiful and practical instructions Jesus gave to the world through this humble Sister. May God bless you as you read these messages, and may your life be a ceaseless act of love.