The Ceaseless Act of Love


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The Ceaseless Act of Love

In this book you will learn very practical ways to increase your love for God, find peace of soul, and to use your time here on earth in the best possible manner. As you grow in love for God, you will be saving souls at the same time and protecting yourself from satan. The first part of the book is the ceaseless act of love as experienced by a Sister of Children of Mary. The second part of the book is a reprint of a booklet by Fr. Lorenzo Sales, IMC about the messages to Venerable Sr. Consolata Betrone. Practice it– it will change your life.



The Ceaseless Act of Love

Here are more responses from the book, “I Will Think of Everything. You, Think Only of Loving Me”:

* I have already been practicing thinking of Jesus throughout the day with my aspirations “Jesus and Mary, I love you! Save souls!” It gives me peace. One of my sons and his fiancée even commented on it after having lunch with me a few weeks after starting this – they told me they thought I seemed so peaceful and calm. It was confirmation for me to stay on this path.

* I have finished your book, the first section written by a Sister of Children of Mary, and it is absolutely wonderful. Very well written and meaningful. I’ve been posting some excerpts and info about it regularly, so I hope you are seeing some orders coming in! One of my first posts: “From the first few lines, I knew this book was going to change me. Already, the next morning, I saw the world differently.” ( Written by a woman who is a doctor and who home schools her children.)

* I can’t tell you how many times I have clung to “I will think of everything, you think only of loving me.” It truly has been life changing for me in some of my dark days. (From a woman dying of a lung disease.)

* I can tell a difference in my wife since she has started practicing The Littlest Way. She is more peaceful and calm now. She doesn’t worry so much.(From a man whose wife read the book.)

* It is true; the book is life-changing! Yesterday my son was bringing a group home and I had so much to do I felt overwhelmed. But I started saying what Jesus said to Sr. Consolata, “I will think of everything. You, think only of loving Me.” I calmed down, and things just unfolded and everything went well. (A wife and mother)