Prayer Before Receiving Jesus in Holy Communion

My God, my God, I love You in the Most Blessed Sacrament!

the Eucharist


“My Lord Jesus Christ,
I love You above all things.
I firmly believe that I am about to receive,
in Communion,
Your Body, Your Blood,
Your Soul and Your Divinity.
I believe it because You have said it,
and I am ready to give my life
to maintain this truth.”

We are One Body; pray that all of your brothers and sisters on earth – the whole world – will come to love and adore Our Lord and be faithful members of His Holy Church.

Jesus sits at the right hand of His Father waiting for His enemies to be placed under His Feet. His enemies are satan and the fallen angels who rebel against Him and try to take as many people to hell as possible. These enemies of God will be placed under the feet of Jesus when we, His brothers and sisters, imitate Jesus’ love and humility by adoring Him Who died for us and Who now lovingly and humbly remains here with us under the appearance of bread.

We are His Body. He asks us to do our part in the plan of salvation by adoring Him in the Holy Eucharist and praying that ALL will adore Him.

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