Lay Missionary

Children of Mary Lay Missionaries enter more deeply into the life and charism of the Children of Mary Sisters. In addition to the requirements of a Co-worker, they live the charism in a radical way through the profession of the 5 promises that mirror the vows of the Sisters: Obedience (to Holy Mother Church and to the way of life of a Lay Missionary), Simplicity, Chastity (according to state in life), prayer for priests, and to give one’s life to quench the Thirst of Jesus to be loved in the Most Blessed Sacrament.


Formation Program

An Individual must already be a CM Co-Worker, having completed the required formation and applications, before applying to enter Lay Missionary formation. There is a minimum of two years of formation (including the one year of formation for Co-Workers) before profession of promises. If married, the individual must have the permission of their spouse.

After two years of formation are complete and the mutual discernment of the individual, the Sisters, and the Lay Missionary Formators, one may be admitted to temporary profession of the promises. There is a minimum of four years of temporary promises before making perpetual promises.

Additional Requirements

  • Continued reading and study of the Constitutions - CLICK HERE
  • Fr. John Hardon’s Advanced Catechism Course - submission of certificate
  • Modest dress at all times:
    • MEN: loose fitting pants with modest shirt. No shorts, tank tops, T-shirts etc. . (Dress pants and button down shirt for Holy Mass)
    • WOMEN: loose fitting long skirts (or dress), with high neck-line loose fitting shirt with sleeves at least to elbows. Wearing a chapel veil when in our Lord’s Presence.
  • Renunciation of television
  • Limited internet use
  • Continuation of the Prayer Requirements of Co-Workers
  • Optional (but encouraged) participation in the Liturgy of the Hours


If you are interested in being a Lay Missionary, or would like more information, please fill out the form below:

Lay Missionary Form