Jesus, I Love You in the Most Blessed Sacrament!

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Help us spread this new prayer card of the Eucharistic Act of Love.

A Fire of Love for Jesus Eucharistic

A movement, a revolution

to set hearts on fire with love for Jesus Eucharistic

Love Jesus Eucharistic


A Eucharistic Act of Love

To be said while gazing intently on Our Eucharistic Lord enthroned in the monstrance.

Say or sing to Him:

Jesus, I love You!

Jesus, I love You!

Let every beat of my heart

and every breath I take

a thousand times repeat this

act of love.

Jesus, I love You. . .


Look at Him; look at Him with love. Know that this is Jesus. He loves you. You are consoling Him. As you gaze on Him with love, grace goes out to the whole world, and souls are being saved. This is the greatest gift you can give the world–to love and adore Our humble Eucharistic Lord. This is what will crush the proud head of satan, and bring the Father’s Kingdom to earth.


Consecration to Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament

Most Holy Mother Mary, New Eve and Spouse of the Holy Spirit, I entrust and consecrate my life and vocation to your Immaculate Heart.  May I be a tiny spark which shoots forth from the Blazing Furnace of your Beautiful Heart to enkindle in this world the fire of love for Jesus Eucharistic.  May His Innocent Blood continue to plead for our salvation in the Most Holy Sacrament of the Altar.  May His Eucharistic Light pierce the darkness of our minds.  May His Eucharistic Power heal and transform the lives broken by sin.  May His Eucharistic Love bring unity and peace to the Church;  and through your maternal and queenly intercession, may the Lord Jesus Christ take up His Eucharistic Reign of holiness and love in every human heart. Amen.


Love Jesus Eucharistic

Holy Card

Love Jesus Eucharistic


We're asking all our friends to order at least 10 of these and pass them out to anyone the Lord inspires you to give it to.