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47% of Catholics believe the Eucharist is a symbol. The Sisters work to help the Faithful understand that the Eucharist is a Person, not a thing, not a symbol: the Living God Who thirsts for our love.

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Actions speak louder than words!

It is important that our actions manifest our belief in the Real Presence of our Lord in the Eucharist.  If our actions do not reinforce our beliefs, there is a danger that our beliefs will be affected by the incongruity of our actions and may weaken faith in the Real Presence. Please visit links below to read more about how you can manifest your love & reverence for our Eucharistic Lord:

Help Spread Love for our Eucharistic Lord!

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The charism of Children of Mary is to satiate the Thirst of Jesus to be loved in the Most Blessed Sacrament.

“I so ardently thirst to be loved by men in the Most Blessed Sacrament
that this thirst devours Me…”
(Jesus words to St. Margaret Mary)

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