Join us November 24th at 2 P.M.

Most Rev. Archbishop Dennis Schnurr will Solemnly enthrone

King of the Universe King of America

At Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center

5440 Moeller Ave.  Cincinnati, OH  45212

We will enthrone Jesus on the altar in Adoration and proclaim Him as 

Our King and Lord 

(The Enthronement ceremony will not include the Holy Mass)

Join us every Sunday at the Center as we prepare for the Enthronement on November 24th…

Our Lady of Fatima Statue

We were blessed to receive a beautiful new statue of Our Lady of Fatima from Portugal.  On May 5, 2019, we had a May Crowning solemnly honoring Her as Our Mother and Queen with deep love and affection.  She looks more beautiful everyday!  Thank you to our friends for the gift of the beautiful crown!


Reign Over Us

There will be a Solemn Enthronement of Our Eucharistic Lord at Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center on November 24, 2019

We will enthrone Jesus on the altar and proclaim Him as our King and Lord.

Preparation for this event will begin the 1st Sunday in May

and continue until November 24th

with scheduled events of presentations and Adoration

from 1:45 – 4:00 P.M. every Sunday.

Building opens at 1:30 P.M.


Come, adore Him, and claim Him as the King of your heart.

For more details, please follow this link: http://loveforlove.net

Marian Pilgrimage

Community Pilgrimage

9 Sisters traveled to Wisconsin to visit 3 Marian Shrines

Click on the images below to see full size and caption!



“The union between God and man
in Holy Communion
is the one thing that terrifies hell.”  

 (Pope Benedict XVI)


“If we can’t receive this Eucharist, if we can’t receive your Body and Blood, where are we going to go? What will you exchange the very Body and Blood of Jesus Christ for? A better song? One that makes you feel better? Will you exchange the very Body and Blood of Jesus Christ for a homegroup, where you can read the Bible together? Will you exchange the very Body and Blood of Jesus Christ for a prayer meeting? It’s a question we all have to answer. We are fed as Catholics on a diet of the Word of God and we are fed by his Body and his Blood. This all takes place right there in the Mass. A beautiful, beautiful thing.”  (Jeff Cavins)


Sr. Philomena Maria and Sr. Faustina Maria traveled to Idaho for Camp Apologhetti, a high-school retreat based on apologetics. To learn more about the camp visit: https://apologhetti.net

Torchbearers 2018 Retreat!

God is so good! We had about 100 girls ages 8-18 attend our annual Torchbearers of the Queen Retreat. The Winner Family generously donated their land and their time to make this retreat possible! We thank all of our volunteers, chaperones, and prayer supporters – because of you these young ladies were able to spend 3-5 days with Jesus Eucharistic and grow in His Love, while meeting others who can journey with them in their Faith. 

Hope you enjoy the video!


The Father’s Love Chapel

Our Chapel at the Motherhouse

The mural of God the Father is complete!



The altar, reredos, communion rail, cruet table, and ambo were all hand made by our Lay Missionary, Wes Baker.

The Statue of St. Joseph was donated – we are still looking for a matching statue of Mary.

The Tabernacle came from a closed Church.

The candlesticks and many other Chapel Supplies were generously donated by Tom & Audrey Ruthman.



The Chapel is named after God, the Father.

His arms are spread wide above His Love made Flesh – Jesus, Eucharistic

The angels hold the banners which read the Fatima Prayer so dear to our hearts…

Please come visit us

and adore the Father’s Love in our beautiful Chapel!

Easter in Prison

Christ is Risen! Alleluia! 5 women entered the Church this Easter from Dayton Correctional! Read the article from Catholic Telegraph here: EASTER at DCI




We sang the Litany of Saints – praying for their intercession as these 3 women prepared to be baptized..







At the invocation of the Holy Trinity and the pouring of water, 3 women became Children of God and embraced a life following Christ!






Please continue to pray for the women at Dayton Correctional and for the fruitfulness of our apostolate there. 





Book Debut

A Great New Book for Children – EVENT – APRIL 29
The Sisters of the Children of Mary are pleased to invite all parents and children to join us on Sunday, April 29th for a talk about Antonietta Meo, a beautiful 6 year old girl who was deeply in love with Our Eucharistic Lord.  During her life she had the custom of writing love letters to Our Lord; the children will be given an opportunity to do the same. 
Light refreshments afterwards.  
Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center, 5440 Moeller Ave. Norwood
2:00 – 4:00 P.M. 
To order the book as a Communion Gift – ORDER HERE

January 2018

March for Life


The Sisters traveled to Washington, DC to March for Life!





They also visited the National Art Museum, a History Museum, 

(picture of them stopping to pray the Chaplet.) 





and the waterfalls at the C & O canal. 







They made one more stop at the John Paul II Shrine before heading home!






Then back to Emmanuel…. 

It’s always a blessing to be all together!