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Every woman is called
to make a gift
of herself in love.

Discovering the form
this gift will take
is the art of discernment. 

Could Jesus be calling you to belong to Him alone?

We are forming a young women’s discernment group whose focus is a deeper intimacy with Jesus. With a loving relationship with the Lord and a trusted community of women, you can move with confidence from discernment to decision. Every young Catholic woman is invited to come to discern this most important decision in their life.

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The meeting begins with Holy Mass in the Sisters’ Chapel at 9:00am followed by a discussion group based on the book, “Discerning Religious Life.” For more information about the book visit: www.discernavow.com.

The meeting concludes with a shared meal & fellowship. Please bring your own lunch.

Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center
5440 Moeller Ave Norwood, OH 45212

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