NOV. 24, 2019 ~ SAVE THE DATE

Please Note:

Join us November 24th at 2 P.M.

Most Rev. Archbishop 

Dennis Schnurr 

will offer Holy Mass 

and then Solemnly enthrone

King of the Universe King of America

At Our Lady of the Holy Spirit Center

5440 Moeller Ave.  Cincinnati, OH  45212

Following Holy Mass we will enthrone Jesus on the altar in Adoration

 and proclaim Him as Our King and Lord 


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New Prayer Card!

Enthronement of the Heart Card

(For Adults)

(For Children and Teens)

Longing for the full reign of Love and Truth in your life?

Formally enthrone Our Savior Jesus Christ as King of your Heart!  Let Him reign in Your heart, over every part of your life, over your family, your work, your joys and sufferings, everything… and discover a renewed holiness of life filled with peace and joy under the reign of the King of Love and Mercy.

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