Sister Melissa Reflects on Our Lady's Humility

Sister Melissa

On March 25, the Feast of the Annunciation, I was invested in the holy habit of the Children of Mary. As I sat in the chapel preparing myself for the great event that was to take place, I reflected on Our Lady and the great humility she felt as she received the message of the angel.

This message, which revealed her vocation, must have brought her to her knees. To think that she was to be the Mother of God was almost unbelievable, and yet, as she looked back on her life, she could probably see that the Lord had in fact been preparing her, from the moment of her conception, for this very vocation.

I thought of my own life and my call to be a bride of Christ, and how this day in which I was to be invested in the holy habit was a verification of that call. As I looked back at my life in great humility and a sense of disbelief, I, too, could see that the Lord had in fact been preparing me from the moment of my conception for this very vocation.

I listened to the priest’s words as he blessed the habit, and I tried to internalize the symbolism of each of the articles I was to wear, God willing, for the rest of my life: wrapped in linen, like the linen that wrapped the sacred body of Our Lord in the tomb; bound with a cincture in love to the glorious hearts of Jesus and Mary; clothed in purple as a constant reminder of the passion of Jesus which covers me in grace; veiled and set apart solely for the eyes of my Beloved.

These are just a few of the beautiful realities of consecrated life revealed in the symbolism of our habit.

As I reflected further on the vocation of Our Lady, I realized that although Our Lord loves her immensely, it was also because of his love for us that he bestowed on her the grace of perfection as the mother of God.

Similarly, my vocation is not just for me. He calls me because he loves me, yes. But more importantly, he calls me to live this life because of his love for you. He calls me, just as he calls all of his brides, to be a living prayer for the Church and a visible manifestation of his love for His people.

Could Jesus be calling you as he called me? Whatever your vocation may be, he has been preparing you for it from the moment of your conception, and with joy, he waits for the perfect moment to announce it to you.

If Jesus is asking for your hand, I pray that you will have the courage and the love to give – not only your hand- but your heart, your will, your all. May our Blessed Mother lend you her “yes,” so together you may say, “Behold the handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me according to your word.”

God’s blessing and love to you all!

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