"How to Find Joy in Your Vocation"

Retreat for Men and Women, August 4th - 8th at Maria Stein, Ohio

this retreat, hosted by the Sisters of Children of Mary, will include Mass, confession, adoration, talks and spiritual direction, ending with Fatima Night* at the retreat center.
Call Toll free: 877-925-7625 to register, or for more information call the Sisters at 740-323-1977 or go to www.childrenofmary.net.

Monday - prayer, how much and why?

Tuesday - Finding Joy in Your Marriage: talks given by a young husband and father, then a young wife and mother. Healing Holy Hour with praise and worship and opportunity for confession and spiritual direction.

Wednesday - The Gift of Religious Life: Sr. Miriam will renew her vows Wednesday morning at Mass and will give a talk about her long search for truth and then finding her vocation. Sr. Agnes Immaculae will speak on the cost and worth of religious life.

Thursday - holiness....what is its source? Mother Margaret Mary will speak on where to find the source of all that is good and beautiful that brings grace and light to everyone in the world.

Friday - Why All This Suffering? and how Mary plays Her part. Sr. Josepha Marie. Dr. Fred Long will share his moving experience of how Parkinsons has been a blessing in his life.

For more details ON Maria Stein retreats, CLICK HERE

* Fatima Night is held every year on the Friday closest to the Feast of the Assumption, Fatima, USA recreates the annual Assumption events held at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal. Activities include Holy Mass celebrated at the huge oudoor cross followed by a candle-lit “living rosary” through the woods at the Spiritual Center, and a procession featuring a lit cross and a statue of Our Lady of Fatima carried on a flower-laden bier. About one thousand people attend. It is beautiful!

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