Excerpts - Letters to Mother Margaret Mary from John Hardon, SJ

“What I have learned, more clearly then ever before, is that there is only one source of true happiness in this world. It comes from a total surrender of our wills to the mysterious will of God. This self surrender may be difficult and even demanding but it is always: happiness producing. Another insight I would like to share with you comes from my contact with people who have never had the true faith presented to them. In the deepest sense of the word their minds are starving for the nourishment of God's truth and their wills are thirsting for God's love. What ever you can do in this New Year to satisfy this deep hunger and thirst for God in the souls of others will be repaid a hundred fold in your own life.”

(Jan. 8, 1995)


“It is well to keep in mind how our Lord wanted to merit our salvation. He became man in order to be able to suffer out of love for us. We show our love for Him by our willingness to pay the price of doing His will. It is not easy. But it is the greatest joy on earth to join with our Lord in His passion and thus cooperate with Him in the redemption of the world.”

(March 12, 1995)


“We certainly need people living the eremetical life. What the world needs more than anything else today is silent communication with God.”

(May 21, 1996)


“The best way I can show my appreciation for your Easter greetings is with my continued prayers for you and your eremetical apostolate. Our Lord is very pleased with what you are doing for His greater honor and glory. Remember me to Him in your prayers.”

(June 4, 1996)


Please consider sharing in our apostolate of spreading love and reverence for Our Eucharistic Lord.

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