May 13 - The Feast of our Lady of Fatima

profession 051316 Father Bowman: Dear Sister, what is your heartís desire.
Sr. Leah: My heartís desire is to give myself completely to God and to share His life of poverty, chastity and obedience; to live my vows through total consecration to Jesus through Mary, that through Her Immaculate Heart I may partake of Her perfect Motherhood, embracing all of Godís children as my own. Giving my life as an offering to God, I want to love God, His priests and His People, with Our Ladyís love, begging God that all will come to love and adore Jesus in the Holy Eucharist, that all will enter fully into covenant with Him in His Holy Catholic Church and remain faithful to that covenant, and receive with love the greatest gift He has given His People, Himself in Holy Communion. My heartís desire is to follow the Lamb wherever He goes, and to quench His thirsting heart with love as a bride of Christ and a Sister of Children of Mary.

profession 051316 Sister Leah professes her first vows.

Mother, I ask you to accept my promise to live a chaste life out of profound love for Jesus, the Spouse of my soul, to live a life of poverty so that I may be attached to nothing or no one except my Lord, to live a life of obedience to Holy Mother Church, to my legitimate Superiors, and to the Rule and Constitutions of the Children of Mary, not as a slave bound out of fear, but as a child of Mary who finds joy and freedom in lovingly striving to please God through my obedience.
I promise to pray for our bishop, for abundant and holy priests and to give my life, as a Sister of Children of Mary, to quench the Thirst of Jesus to be loved in the Most Blessed Sacrament - that all will love and adore Him."

profession 051316 Receive the black veil, a sign that you have worn the white veil, have put on the mind of Christ, and that you are now willing to die with Him - to be the spouse of your crucified Spouse. Your goal in life will be to please God alone in your every thought, word, and deed. Through this consecration to God, your every act will be an act of worship. Whether you are cleaning, praying, eating, recreating, everything you do will be an act of worship, something beautiful for God.

profession 051316 Receive this crucifix, a symbol of Christ crucified and sacramentalized, proclaiming to the world your love for Him Who died for you and Who now remains with us in the Most Holy Eucharist, longing for our love.

profession 051316 As a novice, you received a cincture that was a sign that you were bound to the Hearts of Jesus and Mary as a slave of love, and for love of Them, a servant to all Godís people. Now you will wear the knotted cincture that proclaims your decision to be bound by the evangelical counsels of poverty, chastity and obedience and the vows to pray for priests and bishops and to give your life, as a Sister of Children of Mary, to quench the Thirst of Jesus to be loved in the Most Blessed Sacrament - that all will love and adore Him.

profession 051316 The Sisters bring flowers to Our Lady - entrusting Sr. Lucia Maria and the whole Community to Her Maternal care.

profession 051316 Sisters' homemade cake

profession 051316 Sisters of Children of Mary - May 13, 2016.

Thank you to the priests who offered Mass, to the seminarians who served, and to the many family and friends who celebrated this special day with us!

Please consider sharing in our apostolate of spreading love and reverence for Our Eucharistic Lord.

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